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Frequently Asked Questions

1- How long is each lesson?

Ideally, lessons last 90 minutes each, but depending on student availavility can be slightly modified.


2- What kind of material (books, etc.) is used?

The materials will be provided at student expenses.


3-How many students can be in a group class?

Ussually lessons are individual, but can be given to a couple of students providing both are at the same level.


4-How frequent are the classes?

It depends on the student level. For basic students: Ideally 3 times a week or even more. For intermediate students 2 times a week. For advanced students once a week or more depending on the student time availability.


5-How does the student know his/her level?

The student will take a free spanish language evaluation test to assest his/her level.


6-Where does the classes take place?

The teacher goes to the home or office of the student.  If the student doesn't have a place to take the class he/she  can go to the teacher's office.


7-Who is the teacher?

Her name is Isabel González and she is a 20 years experienced spanish teacher.  Isabel has taught a wide variety of students from several nationalities, languages  and professions.  She has taught executives from multinational companies, diplomatics from international organizations and embassies as well as their families, graduate, foreing students, among others. 

Note: For more information please e-mail: spanish@vtr.net or call: +56 (2) 494 6811   Cel: +56 (09) 230 0949